Helping DTC brands, stuck at $20k p/m, add an extra $50k to their MRR, without affecting profit margins.

We make your brand scale profitably and consistently in one of the fastest growing industries by implementing our Ecommerce Accelerator Blueprint.

fueled by Your success.

LucidoMedia is a Paid Advertising Agency that values core principles such as trust and client commitment.
We have helped E-Commerce brands worldwide increase their traffic, branding and conversion rates. We’re believers that brand purpose and delivering on it consistently can be a huge driver in growth.

Our tenacity, drive and ambition to achieve more are just some of the qualities we bring to the table as your growth partner.

We firmly believe in only working with clients who are serious about the future of their business, and not only looking to make a quick buck.

We have a 90-day 'Sustainable Growth' Program which has been accurately designed to run clockwork, producing persistent results for our clients.

Over these 90 days we come in and totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 10 days of working with us you will have your ads up and running. In 90% of cases all we need is photos from your end and our copy-writing experts start constructing your campaigns.

We are so confident in the life-changing results this program can have on your business because, to this date, we have never made anything less than a 2X ROI for our E-Com clients.

We are very proud of this, and if we have decided to work with you, it's because we are certain we can help you get those kind of extraordinary results. 

The 90-Day 'Sustainable Growth' Program is a fixed 3 month-agreement, and from there, it’ll be rolling monthly.

Our Blueprint to a 'sustainable growth'

  • 7-Day Germination Phase
    We work to define your target audience and who your dream client is. This stage would start from the beginning and develop a foundation for the rest of your marketing plan to move forward.

  • 30-Day Growth

    We create a detailed roadmap of your client journey so prospects don’t get lost in your funnel.
  • We  set up all of your ad campaigns, make sure your analytics are tracking correctly, landing pages are set up and your copy and images are all set to go.

  • 90-Day Reproduction
    We evaluate the campaigns and make changes as needed to ensure we’re targeting the right people and providing the right message so they’ll want to learn more. We'll be testing new core offers with high converting videos and image ads, and we'll be scaling the ad spend if everything works accordingly.

Who We are

Stop wasting your time with agencies that over promise and under deliver...

And don't even share your mission and values.

Most agencies will take 30 to 45 days to on-board you, then charge you a set up fee.

We are organised and we respect your time. So with us, on-boarding takes 90-minutes, where we obtain all we need to have your ads up and running as quickly as possible.

And no set-up fee involved.

Fully confident of our service, we persistently maximise profits and stay congruent to your brand image while driving highly qualified leads to your business.

We keep you informed of each step we take during our journey together, through daily Ad Account Report, weekly Metric Breakdowns, and our monthly Performance Reporting with Francesco, our CEO.

We're sustainable and ethical.

As a completely remote agency, we have increased team wellness and productivity by reducing the stress of a daily commute whilst reducing CO2 emissions from travelling to work.

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